Love Me! Why?

We’ve already established that we are the Creator’s beloved children. God feels our pain when we hurt (Ps. 6:8). He grieves over our choices (Ps. 81:13-14 and Deut. 5:29) and lays out a clear path for our edification (Ps. 119:105, Ps. 24, and Jer. 29:11-14).

Think of it this way: the triune God is perfect, holy, outside of time, and perfectly capable of creating a whole new race without sin– or us–in it.

Rather than speak our universe into oblivion and speak another universe into existence, the Son decided to give up His heavenly, perfect, holy, no-sin, no-problems throne and come to Earth as a) a human, b) a baby, c) into a poor, illegitimate family. Let’s think about this for a second.

A) The implement of creation– Jesus, who is also known as the Word of God (John 1)– holy, infinite, and beloved came to earth to be human.

A sweaty, gassy, headache-plagued, physically exhausted human faced with peer pressure, bad complexion, obedience to human parents, as the illegitimate elder son of a brood of (likely) rascally siblings.

Why in the world would anyone do that if they didn’t have to?!

B) The timeless God of the universe came to Earth (with all of its geographical, chronological limitations) as a baby.

First of all, He knew how dangerous the world is. And he came as a defenseless infant, wholly dependent upon two flawed, sinful human beings and the world around them. Second, I have one word for you: puberty.

Why in the great heavens would an infinite, all-knowing God who created humanity and thus knew the ins and outs of anatomy choose to experience puberty?!

C) Finally, he chose simple, poor, lower class parents to feed, clothe, and house him and his various younger siblings.

He could have made at least his Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs more easily met to smooth the way for all the other ick he would experience as a human.

But he chose a dark, cold, smelly (not necessarily all nasty smells– hay is nice) stable in a little town rather than a cozy home or an incense-filled, lavish temple or palace.

Why? Because he loves us so much that no bout of flu, cow pies, pain, exhaustion, frustration, hunger, desire, disappointment, or hardship known to the human experience could deter him from coming to rescue us.

As a human and, particularly a man, Jesus experienced devastation, temptation, loss, grief, anger, disgust, betrayal, and ultimately torture that led to his death. For us.

Most of us cannot imagine that kind of emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual pain he experienced in His short life– no, not even going through labor covers it.

He is the only Being in the universe who knows the complete and utter abandonment of God.

The weight of the created universe’s sin from the Fall to our ultimate redemption sometime in the future was so heavy, bleak and total that the holiest of holy God could not bear to be present, so repugnant, and poisonous is sin.

So, the Son, the only Being who truly knows, loves, and walks in heartfelt, true relationship with the Father was crushingly alone.

I cannot even begin to imagine that loss. Even in those times when I have felt most alone, my God never abandoned me. Why did Jesus choose to be solely and completely alone?

Because the aloneness and the unjustness of his torture and execution, the death that he died was the only act that would save his Beloved.

It was the only way to make sure I never experience– even momentarily– the same aloneness. His death and resurrection was the only way He could rescue me from our separation so he can be with me in joy, peace, and perfect unity for all eternity.

Does this seem a little far-fetched? Even though it makes your heart beat a bit faster and your eyes to begin to water at the hope– the longing– for that kind of love?

Why do you think we crave that kind of love that– no matter how wonderful your man is– no one can fulfill?

Why does the chick in the action movies or even Rom-Coms do something ridiculous to get herself in trouble and her man (who was safe and on the way out) turns around to face all the Nazis (I’m thinking of Indiana Jones) to save her? Even if it means dying himself?

Because we KNOW that kind of love is the love we were created for. We KNOW it’s missing and we long for it with our every beating heart (Eccl. 3:11).

Do you feel alone? Unloved? Unloveable? Uncared for? Ugly? Too much or too little? Of course you do. We all do. Why?

Because the One who calls us Beloved has an enemy who will stop at nothing to hurt Him. So our enemy spends his time hurting, confusing, and redirecting the Beloved.

But never forget that we are the Beloved Jesus came to rescue and make a home with for eternity (Hosea 2:19-20).

You were worth every infuriatingly human moment of Jesus’ life.